Desktop Data Manager is a Clipboard Manager for GNOME similar to Klipper for KDE. With DDM it is possible to display different types of content like text or images.

Additional DDM includes a screenshot taking application which is able to take screenshots from a single window/subwindow, rectangle of the screen or the whole desktop.

In 0.8.10 DDM is extended with a Download Manager which supports continuation, threaded/segmented downloading, Support for HTTP/HTTPS/FTP , MD5/SHA1 checksum calculation and downloading from multiple mirrors).
The Download Manager daemon can also be started at a remote server.

If you want to see DDM in action please visit the screencasts page or try it out.


0.8.11 Released

Mainly corrects this bug.

SVN update

The svn respository has been updated because the program was not compileable with openSUSE 9.3. Therefore, everyone who experiences errors in the compile process is advised to try the updated code from the svn repository.

0.8.10 Released

The 0.8.10 release includes the following feature additions:

  • A Download Manager (supports continuation, threaded/segmented downloading,
    HTTP/HTTPS/FTP protocol support, MD5/SHA1 calculation, Download from multiple mirrors)
  • A detailed clipboard history (including the ability to modify content)
  • The ability to copy text from and to files without even opening the files
  • The ability to choose file types (i.e. PNG/JPEG/.. for images) when pasted to a file manager
  • Complete translation to Spanish (thanks to Juan Pablo Gonz├ílez Riopedre) and German, Partial translation to French (thanks to Pouliquen Jean-Marie)

The 0.8.10 relase includes the last major feature addition to DDM (Small correction are not ruled out). The focus now lies on Bugfixing so that DDM can become stable as soon as possible.
However I can only fix bugs which I am aware of that they exist. So please report whatever doesn't work in DDM.

Outlook to 0.8.10 (edited)

After the majority of Bugs should be fixed with the 0.8.5 release the focus lies on new additions for the next relase. Please continue to report Bugs and other issues with DDM.

Planned for the 0.9.0 release are the following features

  • Translation (German and Spanish as a first step)
    If anybody want to transate DDM to his native language please contact me
  • "Direct to/from file copy" for text files (including html/xml/...)
  • Selection of file name and file type(e.g. PNG/JPEG/BMP/..) when pasting to file
New Website online

The new website of Desktop Data Manager is online and it is a bit more structured :-) compared to the previous one.

Version 0.8.5 Released

Desktop Data Manager 0.8.5 is released. Download it here.

This release includes the following changes

  • Custom Icons for Panel and Applications Menu
  • .deb Binary work on AMD64 Debian too
  • Bugfixes